Stylish Trim Illusion™ Automotive Accessories to enhance the vehicles, both on the New and Used Side of your Dealership.

What's Your Flavor

Whether Chrome or Black,  Trim Illusion™ has you covered.  Call us to find a trusted sales rep, in your area.

We Come to You!

Our trusted, Trim Illusion™ sales team are equipped with everything they need.  They do the work, on site, no need for vehicles to leave your lot.

Why Trim Illusion?

Trim Illusion™ has consulted with Automotive Dealerships all over North America to increase gross and sell more units.  Whether on the New or Used side, Trim Illusion™ is here to help you.

New Vehicles - The "mop and glow" addendum is a thing of the past.  A more educated consumer and declining CSI scores require more from their dealerships.  Let us consult with your team to show how beneficial our cost effective accessories can bring more to your bottom line.

Pre-Owned Vehicles - Your customers have more knowledge and confidence, before walking on your lot, than they ever have.  Our exterior accessories give that "POP" that your team needs to sway the deal.  Let our knowledgeable staff consult with your Used Car manager on trends that we're seeing, country-wide.


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We're here to help

Whether you're looking to dress-up a New Car and slap a 100% markup addendum on it, or a Used Car to move it off the lot, our team is here for you.